Special Event Decorators uses high-powered LED lighting to illuminate your decor in practically any color you choose!

The brilliant color of blue you see in the picture below was created using powerful LED lighting that is strong enough to not only light the ceiling but give a blue hue to the entire room.

The bright orange color of the drape in the next picture is created using powerful lighting…

We can use lighting to mix colors as well like in this photo…

In fact all of the pictures on our site are of white fabric that has colored lighting projected onto it…

Lighting Questions and Answers

Q – My DJ is bringing up-lighting, do I still need your lighting?

A – Up-lighting is NOT the same as the lighting we provide.

Up-lights are used to illuminate sections of the wall in a room and have no effect at all on ceiling decor.

The bright colors achieved in the pictures above are created by powerful lights mounted to light poles that are projected into the ceiling decor.

We provide up-lighting as well starting at $25 per light. We also use up-lights behind our backdrops.

Don’t be disappointed the day of your event when you discover that up-lights do not illuminate the room.

Q – How many lights do you use for an event?

A – Depending on your type of decor and the size of the room, anywhere from 10 to 50 LED lights can be used and in some cases more.

Q – Can I get the decor without the lighting?

A – Yes but you will most likely be disappointed with the final look. Lighting accounts for a full 50% of the look of the decor which is why we specialize in fabric and lighting.