Thanks for your interest in our services.


Our decor products are unique to each location so in order for us to to give you a price quote we need to know a few things about your event.


The Date – Some dates are extremely busy and others are not. We need to know the date of your event so we can check our calendar to see how busy we are on that day.


Your Information – We need your name, email address and phone number so we can contact you with a quote or request additional information.


The Facility – Name of the facility and the city.


Information about the  room – Event spaces vary logistically in size, ceiling height, ease of access and so on so we need to know which room you would like to have the decor installed in and as much information about it that you can provide.


Number of anticipated guests – This helps us determine how big the room will be.


Type of Decor – We specialize in ceiling fabric decor, backdrops and lighting which can be seen on the pages throughout this site. What do you want a quote on?


Please allow one business day for a response.


For immediate assistance please call Anderson at 954-326-8902.