What services do you provide?

1) Ceiling drapes

2) Stage backdrops

3) Light columns, chandeliers and other accessories for ceilings and backdrops

4) LED lighting for ceilings, stage backdrops and perimeter lighting

We keep our services limited so we can specialize in these areas.

How do I book your services?

After you know where you are going to have your event, fill out our GET QUOTE FORM.

If you have supplied all of the information we need to give a quote, you will receive an email typically within 24 hours which will include pictures and prices.

Once an agreement is made, we will send you a formal proposal complete with pictures of the proposed decor, prices and instructions on how to make a deposit and book the date.

New clients are only added to our calender when a deposit has been made.

Do you carry insurance and is your fabric fire retardant?

Yes and yes.

My DJ is providing lights, do I need yours?

The color you see in all of the pictures on this site are created by our high powered LED lights and are specifically placed to illuminate the ceiling drape.

All of the fabric we use is white, the colors you see are produced with lighting.

DJ lighting, which is typically up lights placed along the perimeter of the walls to highlight sections of walls will not provide the effect seen in the pictures.

Up lights definitely add a nice effect to the room which is why we offer these as well.

My florist says they can drape the space cheaper is this true?

Sometimes florists will offer to drape your event at a “discount” if you buy flowers from them. This is like us offering discounted florals for booking fabric decor with us.

On more than one occasion we’ve heard of brides crying on their wedding day because of the drape installed by their florist.

Be cautious of sneaky florists trying to close the deal by offering something they cannot deliver upon.

Always ask for pictures of their work and make certain they are not using our pictures.